If you would like to place a custom order please email hello@jellyfishtide.com

Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions                                   


  • The minimum order is 20 bracelets, which I will send you a mixed variety of quotes. Just let me know what type of quotes work best for your customers as we go along.


  • If you would like CUSTOM quotes, there is a minimum of 3 each. This would be a quote that is particular to your store or location. These count towards the minimum order of 20. You can leave a comment when you place your order regarding custom bracelets.


  • If you need to order a small amount (less than 20) of bracelets for a special order, your discount will be 25% of the retail price. Payment must be made at time of ordering. 


  • Add color (besides black) to any bracelet: $1 extra per bracelet (aluminum only).


  • Double sided bracelets with stamping on both sides: $6 per bracelet (aluminum only).


  • If you post Jellyfish Tide bracelets on your website, any social media including but not limited to instagram, facebook, twitter, and/or pinterest, and/or advertising/marketing, please be sure to give credit and/or tag Jellyfish Tide in your posts. @jellyfishtide


  • I will include a bracelet display and signage with your first order. If you are mixing sizes and or metals, a second display and signage is optional if you are ordering at least 20 each of 2 or more sizes.


  • Other than that, the minimum is always 20 bracelets at 
    • $9 each (1/4” aluminum) The suggested retail price is $18.
    • $8 each (1/8" aluminum) The suggested retail price is $16.


  • Payment will need to be made prior to stamping CUSTOM bracelets and prior to shipping on regular stock. I ship priority mail plus added insurance depending on your total order cost. Shipping charges will be refunded for differences more than $2.


  • If you would like pricing info for wider (3/8”, 1/2” or 3/4”) cuffs, please let me know at hello@jellyfishtide.com 


  • If you would like something exclusive to your shop, please inquire about a custom made stamp.